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About Us

It was the early 70’s, in a time when people wanted to change their way of living and eating. The vegetarian diet boom once again, a diet that has hundreds of years of being in use, based on non-violence and feeling love for living things.
Anthony Bono, a Guatemalan living in New Orleans since 1970, had seen and known the benefits of a vegetarian diet after working as a chef at a local vegetarian restaurant for two years. He decided to return to Guatemala with the encouragement of opening a vegetarian restaurant.

In 1974 it opened the doors of the Vegetarian Restaurant “Arbol de la Vida” on Avenida Reforma, 12 street in zone 10. During 2 years it was very successful until the tragic earthquake of 1976. The following year, the resturant re-opened its doors now in the new address in Edificio Reforma Montúfar, 12 street and Avenida Reforma zone 10, where he served clientele until 1990, when it closed. Its doors re-opened once more in 2003 with renewed efforts but with the same model and concept in its current location.